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This site contains selected writings, photographs, genealogical research records
and other items of interest from the life of William B. Lindley, August 1933 - March 2012

William B. Lindley

William (Bill) B. Lindley
was born in Glendale, California, to Albert Lowell Lindley and Mary (Conway-Jones) Lindley. Bill attended Cal-Poly Pasadena, Ca., graduating in Physics with Bachelor's and Master's Degrees. He then worked at Lawrence Livermore Labs and other companies. He played viola in the La Jolla Symphony Orchestra for forty plus years. He came from a 350-year-old Quaker family (whose genealogy he researched). He tutored in the La Jolla Quaker program for Mexican children. He was an editor of the San Diego Mensa Newsletter and also wrote for Humanist, Atheist, and Freethought publications including Truth Seeker Magazine.
                                                                                                                                 Adapted from a special edition of Truth Seeker Magazine




Genealogical Research
by Bill Lindley
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